Artist, Designer, Energy Therapist, Clinical Psychologist

Hi, I'm Leanne, 


After a deep healing journey triggered by a kundalini awakening in my teens, (at the time of the Harmonic Convergence I later found out), I went on to become a Clinical Psychologist, as I was passionate about de-medicalising and de-pathologising distress. 


Rather than labels and diagnoses, I wanted to help people find and to voice their own stories of their lives, without the prevailing narratives which stigmatise and negate the meaning and hidden trauma their symptoms may have been expressing.


I found this work deeply rewarding and felt I was living my dharma, but after a short while, I started to discover spiritual gifts coming in through regular meditation, which led to some big shifts in my life and in the way I knew I needed to work with people. 


So at a high point in my career, I left the safety and stability of the NHS in order to offer services more aligned with my truth and higher purpose. After many years of hiding my abilities I could now openly encompass my awareness of subtle energies and the higher perspectives meditation had given me, as well as my creative and artistic expression.


I was guided to go travelling and to co-create a deck of 88 Oracle Cards, The Lemurian Starchild Oracle, with my beautiful partner, Michiel Kroon. This incredible journey enabled deep messages of Love and Healing to come through to touch many people all around the World. 


The Lemurian Starchild Oracle carries a healing intention, and offers high-vibrational inspiration and heart-centred spiritual guidance. Crucially, they offer profoundly positive narratives that lift us out of the limited mindset, into more empowering understandings of ourselves and our experiences. 

As well as energy therapies and art projects, I began to offer  Soul Portraits and Readings in 2011, to help people to reconnect with the divine truth within themselves which I tune into and see, along with any blocks to their Higher self embodiment. To date I have done many hundreds of these readings for people with wonderful feedback.

In the past two years, since May 2019 though I have had to pull back from offering these, because two weeks after sending the finished oracle card files to the printers I had a severe, life-threatening grade 4/5 subarachnoid haemorrhage (a bleed on the brain) from a burst aneurysm. 

I had a three week long near-death experience, which has taken some time to integrate and to begin to understand. I was extremely blessed to have no deficits with regards to my physical abilities, except pretty severe neurofatigue and fixable sight issues (the latter of which is largely back to normal now). Cognitively, I notice some subtle challenges in terms of short-term memory and organising. Generally, although not an obvious blessing, it has brought new insights and healing with it, especially in my abilities to Trust and Receive love from the Divine. 



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