2015-06-27 Soul Portrait

A beautiful reading for a lovely lady.

2015-06-28 Soul Portrait Reading

A reading involving understanding and letting go of past-life limiting beliefs.

2015-03-27 Soul Vision of a pheonix

This vision came to me before life as I knew it was purified by spiritual fire which left a golden egg of memories and a chance to begin anew.

Dolphin Family

Our dolphin and whale brothers and sisters hold the frequency of Lemuria.

Inspiration and upliftment

I make inspirational quotes for my Facebook page

Quan Yin

My channeling of Quan Yin's beautiful soothing energies supporting us to be compassion.

2014-08-30 14.57.27

A Soul Portrait Reading, with visions of beautiful new energies coming in for the sitter.

Mary Magdalen and Yeshua

I had been working with Mary Magdalen's energies, and was gifted with this beautiful vision of the moment that Mary realised her true nature, as an aspect of God, through the love of Jesus, the Christ.

The Spiritual Path

Clearing our channel of the 'rust and debris' of all energies, beliefs and habits which are out of alignment with our true Divine Nature, is what the Spiritual Path is all about.

Sacred Space

All my Soul Services are offered from Sacred Space in alignment with the Holy Spirit for the Highest Good of All.

My Soul Portrait Reading Banner

I go to a number of Mind Body Spirit events to offer my readings.

Wire Wrapped Ajoite

I make various types of crystal healing jewellery.

Lemurian Healing

Lemurian Healing is a beautiful and gentle way of coming back into alignment with your Soul.

Handmade Felt Card Pouch

Being creative by nature, and loving colour I like to create beautiful, useful objects such as this Oracle Card pouch.

Approaching Heaven

We are in magnificent times; the veil is thin and Heaven's blessings are manifesting in our lives.

Crystal Jewellery

I love working with crystals and create unique, one of a kind pieces from polymer clay and crystal. I offer commissioned pieces from £25

Love is the Key!

A little reminder that in all things, Love is the Key!

Dryad Sister

There are many beings who want to support us in our family of light.

Higher Heart Healing

Beautiful energies I had to capture in a picture.

Reopening your heart

Another montage and quote I made for Facebook.

A Soul Portrait Reading

The Higher Self of all sitters is beyond beautiful; light, wise, uplifting and full of love. The nearer we get to our higher self, the more we embody these beautiful energies. This lovely sitter was full of light, love and wisdom.

A New Earth

Awesome day painting with Carmen Belle White today! Xxx

'Lemurian Portal to Oneness' by Leanne and Carmen Belle-White ..

This was a joint painting, channeled by myself and Carmen Belle White.

Soul Portrait Reading

A beautiful healing reading.

Faerie Wing Earrings

I make these and they are now sold internationally!